Empowering students to develop their full potential, gain confidence, and build successful businesses and careers.


Are your children receiving the most out of their schooling? Are they becoming more confident even after facing rejection? Are they learning the skills and behaviours that will help them realise their future dreams?
MINIBOSS Business School offers a comprehensive program for our students to become confident and independent leaders of the future. Our program encourages creative thinking and problem-solving. Our students gain these skills by designing, launching, and managing their own businesses.
We provide our students with real world skills and experiences that will set them up for future success. The MINIBOSS program is designed to help students discover and enhance their talents, and develop a character of confidence, resilience and determination.
Are your children ready to start learning and practising skills and behaviours they’ll need for the rest of their lives?

Program overview

  • Admission age: 7-17
  • Course duration: 9 months (Feb-Nov)
  • Creating and launching real businesses
  • Interactive lessons: online and in person (Brisbane central)
  • Fun and practical knowledge (business games simulating real life scenarios)
  • 18 subjects in business and social studies (such as communication, leadership, finance, marketing, project management, psychology, and more)
  • “Shark tank” style presentations to investors
  • Masterclasses and mentorship by successful entrepreneurs
  • National and international competitions

Course levels

Depending on the student’s goals, we offer 3 levels that require different time commitments:

  1. LIGHT (theory lessons on weekends)
  2. FOUNDATION (theory lessons on weekends + practical sessions midweek creating a business)
  3. CERTIFICATION (theory lessons on weekends + practical sessions midweek creating a business + national and international championships = internationally recognised certificate)

All sessions are delivered online via Zoom.

Method: preparing for real life

The key concepts of the MINIBOSS program are:

  1. LEARN BY DOING: practice creating and running businesses;
  2. SKILLS TO SUCCEED: practical skills that every business owner and company leader needs;
  3. START EARLY: develop the mindset and habits of successful people before the character is formed;
  4. STIMULATING ENVIRONMENT: like-minded classmates and successful entrepreneurs as mentors;
  5. SUCCEED AS A TEAM: learning to work together towards a common goal;
  6. INDIVIDUAL APPROACH: discover and develop every student’s talents;
  7. DEVELOP FULL POTENTIAL: no student is pigeonholed, every student will develop their 8 intellects;
  8. REALISTIC CAREER PLAN: ‘test the water’ before committing to a profession

What parents are saying

“MINIBOSS makes a profound impact on our students not just for the duration of the program, but for the rest of their lives.”

— Olga Azarova, MINIBOSS Business School Founder and CEO
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